Great Service and great products, brought my whole exotic car fleet to get LED installed to light up the car and provide a soft lighting for the car interiors to show off the car when your driving at night they went up and beyond the call of duty and installed the best LEDs and you cannot see the LEDS intell your really looking meaning you have to be upside down under the dash. They did a great job. Props to LED Light displays from Orlando Exotic Car Rentals

Exotic Car Rental Orlando Florida 


We at SKN Remodeling have been doing under cabinet lighting for a while now and we used the conventional rope lights to get the job done but we got a kit from LED light displays not to long ago and we decided to show it to one of our customers vs having to offer the boring option of rope lights, needless to say I don’t think we will be ordering rope lights anymore the ease of installing the LEDs vs the rope lights is far surpassed my expectations just peel the sticky tape and place them were ever you desire and then the amount of tweak ability ¬†to these things is limitless, you can fade, dime, flash, twinkle these lights. so customers really like the options on these lights.


SKN Remodeling – Remodeling Seattle Washington

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